Sexy Whipped

The doors of the villa close behind us. Tonight, I drive the car and I take my lover to his ordeal,

Flash back, a month earlier.

– Please buy it from me, it will look great in the living room. And then we can play together.

It’s the flea market in the village, and in the middle of the bric-a-brac, I just flashed on a chess game. Not just any one: marble top, and it looks like the pieces came out of an archaeological excavation, they were cast in metal, in a Minoan or Trojan style. One could imagine that Hector and his brother Paris played with it.
I cling to my companion’s arm and insist.

– Buy it and we’ll play a game when we get home.
– You know how to play chess. Does he send me back
– You think I’m a brainless chicken. My grandfather taught me.
– My grandfather showed me too. He replied to me
– That way, we’ll see if your grandfather was stronger than mine! Do I conclude
– Anyway, with you, I can’t refuse. Then turning to the salesman, I take him.

I install the chessboard on the living room table, and I place the pieces without hesitation.

rope corde bondage

– It is true that he is elegant. Peter concedes to me.
– You see, I was right to throw myself at your feet. And now we’re playing.
– Yes, but we’re not going to spend hours there, you can play blitz? he asks me.
– It’s when you have to play as soon as the other one has finished putting down his play.
– Practically, but you seem to know a lot about it, sweetheart.
– My daddy was a great teacher.

My grandfather may have been a good teacher, but Pierre has checked and mated me twice. And I don’t like to lose.
At that moment, my darling offers me:

– We’re stopping,
– No way, I’m a little rusty, but it’ll come back.
– All right, but we’re playing with a pledge.
– A pledge… What pledge?

An indefinable smile crosses the face of my opponent. And all of a sudden I realize the nature of the issue.

– But I win, I too am entitled to a pledge.
– Of course, sweetheart, go get the whites and play first!

My opponent has stung me to death, or is it my grandfather’s ghost that guides my hand.
Anyway, in ten moves, I take control of the four central squares, and I can throw an endgame that my grandfather taught me.
Five exchanges, and I announce to my sultan.

– Mate in three moves
– You’re dreaming. He replied to me

Three shots later.
– Matt, my darling of love, and you owe me a pledge.
– What kind of pledge is that?
– I don’t know, but I’ll think about it. And that’s how our exchange ends.


This Saturday evening, my lover has just made delicious love to me, I am all pantelante.
I know, it may surprise our readers, but we don’t live our passion only in the clicking of whips or the clicking of chains. Most of the time, we love each other, like Dad, all in tenderness.
I feel like a pussy, I put my head on her belly, and I spread my hair on her penis at rest.

– My darling? Do I do to get his attention.
– Yes, my beauty.
– You’ll be whipped.
– Whipped?
– Yes, it’s your pledge.
– ….
– You don’t say anything, kitten.
– Hmm. Yes, it is. You must know how to lose, my sultana.

I turn around and wrap myself in his arms. And I fall asleep.

It’s tonight.
We prepared separately, me in our upstairs suite, and Pierre in the downstairs bathroom. He joins me, soberly dressed in a black shirt and matching pants. I look at his feet, this pretty man has not put on black shoes, but a pair of fawn shoes.
As for me, I only found my outfit a week ago: a red lace dress, with only the skirt lined. She’s practically going down to my feet and covers me up to my neck and hands. The collar goes up under my chin, and on my neck. In fact, it’s a wedding dress that I simplified and barely adjusted.
Underneath, I wear my red fetish underwear, and a pair of couture stockings.
As a hairstyle, a vertically rolled bun keeps my beautiful black hair, and clears my neck.
My darling sticks to me from behind and hugs me.

– You’re shaking, my beauty.
– What if we don’t go there…
– We, and especially me, can no longer back down. He replied.

I park the Evoque in front of the big staircase, Pierre goes down first, and gallantly opens the door, I take the opportunity to stick to him and put a kiss on his lips.
We go up to the illuminated ground floor, hand in hand. Christine stands out as a Chinese shadow in front of the living room door.

– Come, she said, by dragging us into the vast room. You are eagerly awaited

I look through the assembly, and as I demanded, there is only a female audience. My request concerning the dress code was also respected: no sado maso disguise, no excessive domina. Only women of all ages, certainly mistresses and submissives, but all elegant, in dresses, skirts, tuxedos, and not just black. If it weren’t for the stage and its equipment, it would almost feel like a ladies night party.

sexy bottom on the beach with sand

Our hostess offers us each a glass of champagne, but my love prefers sparkling water.
Some ladies approach me, congratulating me on my outfit. I return their compliments. We chat, as in the tea room, carefully avoiding the subject that brings us together.
And yet, I surprise some greedy looks at my lover.
In a way, I’m pretty proud of myself, it’s flattering to be jealous.
This superficial chatter, glass in hand, stops when a young woman dressed as a governess approaches us and takes my lover by the elbow.

– Come on, sir, it’s time.

I take a step towards them, to accompany them when Christine holds me back.

– Leave it, it no longer belongs to you, they’ll take care of it.

I am the couple with my eyes, my heart tight, but the door closes behind them.
I grab a flute of champagne and empty it with one stroke.

– Well, sweetheart, you’re letting go. Apostrophe Christine.
– I’d like to see you there, it’s not your love we’re going to whip.
– But you made that choice.
– I’m an asshole.

A quarter of an hour passes, this waiting irritates me, I wish it was already over.
Christine sits next to her, I put my hands on the armrests of the chair

The noise suddenly subsides, I turn my head. Pierre has just made his entrance, his waist girded with a matte black fabric, preceded by a slender woman. Wait a minute, I’m afraid it’s Beatrice. Then the couple approaches, and I recognize Kate.
I breathe: I would never have tolerated Beatrice touching and preparing my man.
As in slow motion, he walks past me, elegant, distinguished, manly, giving me his beautiful wolf smile. For a moment, I breathe in his sweet smell, then he walks towards the stage.
Kate drops the fabric that wraps her from her kidneys to her ankles.
A whisper runs through the audience; the fall of his loincloth reveals his virility. He is not erect, but his handsome limb has already swollen, and reaches a third of his thigh, displaying a beautiful diameter.
But that’s not all, her sex is free of hair, and her skin shines gently under the slightly pinkish light of the projectors.
Suddenly, I remember that the last time I had oral sex, my nose was in his hay.
And I realize that these women shaved my man, not to mention that they oiled it.
At the thought of those hands that have walked through the body of my beloved lord, a puff of jealousy embraces my heart, almost crushing it.
I imagine Pierre, naked, proud as a little rooster, surrounded by the chambermaids who caress him, spreading his buttocks, lifting his balls to pass the razor, stretching the skin around his penis, not to cut it. I know how responsive he is to my touching. I have no doubt that it has shown itself to be at its best.

ass with sand and sea view behind

– Does Kate have it.
– No, Kate’s not interested in men’s bodies.
– Phew! Phew! Do I let out a sigh of relief.
– But the other girls didn’t have to deprive themselves. Sadly add Christine.

An assistant, black, with fine features, like an Ethiopian princess, dressed like Kate, bends over and squeezes large bracelets around her ankles, Kate does the same with her wrists. A motor noise, and a horizontal rod descends from the ceiling. They tie my lord to it, arms apart. The shackles of his feet are also linked to a spreader bar. Then they move back.
Peter is slowly lifted up, gently swinging twenty centimetres off the ground, turning his back on us.
Its stretching slims it down, stretching its muscles, erasing its little belly.

– A nice guy’s ass! Let Christine escape.
– I’ll eat it. I answer him almost by instinct.
– You think he’d let your teeth get to him. Does she send me back
– I dream about it, I conclude

The engine noise stops, the silence is only disturbed by breathing.
The two tormentors seized their instrument, a whip with a long wick for Kate, a swift with large straps for Nora.
They move backwards

Nora throws her arm, she reaches my beloved’s thighs. This one stretches, but remains silent.
It’s the other whipper’s turn. The long strap rolls up around the waist of my beloved victim.
Then the crazy ones go on blushing my darling’s skin. Then a tight fit from Nora causes a first scream.
I tremble, my fingers tighten on the armrest. Christine’s fresh hand is laying mine down. She encourages me

– Come on, be strong, you must be worthy of him.

The pace accelerates, leaving no respite to the tormented one who can no longer hold back his moans.
I try to lower my eyelids, but the slam of the leather brings me back to the spectacle of my torn lover.
I feel a strange warmth in my stomach, is there a mistress in me?

The whipping stops, Nora makes a hand gesture.

Let’s get my man down, and lay him down. His two whips are busy. Kate raises her thumb, like a signal. My love is suspended again, but upside down, facing us.
His penis and his purses hang on his belly.
I can see the mask of suffering on his face. And yet, I think it’s beautiful. He gives me a silent kiss, with the tip of his lips.
I want to get up to kiss her, but Christine’s iron fist is blocking me.

– No, he’s not finished, he has to go through with it.

The two whippers are moving back. Kate throws her whip, which wraps around her chest, her tip slams on her left breast. I can’t stand this show anymore, I close my eyelids.
I startle with every whistle of the wicks, I shudder with every whine. And yet I do nothing to stop this flogging, feeling a self a troubled feeling of pleasure, seasoned with unhealthy guilt.

A scream makes me open my eyes. I just have time to see Nora’s straps, wrapped around my lord’s sex. Kate adjusts her gesture, and hits the same target causing a second scream.
I’m on the verge of syncope. And yet, I force myself to look at my man’s sacrifice.

A break. Pierre catches his breath. And I’m mine. I feel a suspicious humidity between my thighs, it is gaining my skate. I’m anchored in the spectacle of my lover’s ordeal. I’m a bitch, I enjoy the pain of my love.

Then the infernal flogging resumes, sparing no area of my lord’s body.
His skin is covered with a red fishnet, he is now a continuous moaning.
Then suddenly, they stop their madmen, and drop their instruments of torture.
A silence, then an engine noise.
The assistants gently descend Pierre as they accompany him to the ground. They help him to kneel

– It’s your turn. Orders me Christine, pushing me towards my lover.

I stand in front of him, he is on his knees, his thighs apart, he turns his palms open towards me.
He offers himself.
I feel Christine slipping something into my hand. I look down. A finely sewn, tan leather whip. I turn it around, and I recognize the signature of a famous saddler. It’s a beautiful object, a real riding crop, not a sex shop item.

I’m moving forward, we both know what’s going to happen. Our eyes are bound together

– I love you. I love you.
– I know. I know. He replied to me

I raise my arm up.

Story of Peter.

My sultana overlooks me, she takes her shot. Our eyes remain fixed on each other.
As in slow motion, I can see a brown flash from the corner of my eye. And I hear a whistle.
I can barely feel the impact of the rod on my face. Then a dazzling pain, like a cut on my cheekbone. And yet, I manage to keep my head straight.

Helen’s story

My man didn’t look down. He stares at me, as I look at him. I burst his skin under his eye, where his previous scar was. It is as if we have renewed the pact that binds us.
He gets up, helped by the two balls, the blood begins to bead from his wound, and drips on the right side of his face. They drag him to the care room.
I take a step towards him, but Christine’s hand is holding me back.

– Be strong, don’t spoil this moment, let them take care of it.

For a moment, I stand still, my hand opens, the whip falls off. My hostess pulls me towards the buffet.

– Come on, let’s have a drink,” she says, giving me a flute of champagne by force.

I empty it all at once, without thinking.

– Another one, please?
– Well, since you’re going. Declares me the mistress of the place.

A woman in her forties, with charred eyes in the extreme, dressed in a completely black tuxedo, approaches us.

– Nice performance,
– Uh, yes, thank you, I answer flatly.
– And what an elegant, distinguished submissive… Would you like to come to my house to share it, I’ll lend you mine.
– He is not my submissive, he is my lover, my beloved master.
– I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Returned it to me domina
– Reverse roles, we made a bet and I won, alas.
– You’ll see, soon you’ll get a taste of it. Does she send me back

At that line, I crack, and turning my dress up, I run to the door. I just have time to hear a piece of the dialogue between the woman in black and Christine.

– But why? Why?
– There’s nothing to understand, it’s just love. The following spoke: Christine.

I come in in a hurry. The assistants have just finished treating Pierre’s back and are returning it. I can see they stripped my darling’s scar.
They start spreading the soothing ointment on her chest, then they go down to the abdominals, and slide down the belly.

– Stop it, it’s mine.

Stupefied, they stop and move back.

– Let him go, he’s mine, just mine,” I said, on the verge of hysteria. Then more gently
– Please, get out, please, I want to be alone with him. Do I do as I approach Peter.

I’m going back to work on his abs. Is it my caresses or more simply a reflex, but her limb trembles. I accentuate my massage. His Priapus rises up, proud, magnificent.
His skin turns up and he decalcifies. His acorn, which at first was barely pink, became congested. His beautiful tail still works, despite, or because of these last abuses.

A small drop beads at the end of his meatus.
I can’t resist. I bend over, lick it and swallow this nectar. Then I happily fatten it up. A few trips back and forth and it reaches its full splendor. I squeeze and loosen my lips around his penis. A discreet moan blends with his breath. What a rascal.
I’m getting my caress back. The smell of her sweat mixes with the smell of her sex, and goes to my head.
I can’t take it anymore. I stand up, slip my hands under my dress and drop my panties. It’s soaked in my liquor. I turn to my lover’s face and rub his half-opened mouth and tongue with my intimate lingerie.
I lose my mind, I kit myself and I settle down on my beloved victim.
I put my intimate lips on hers, I put my hands on her zebra thighs. My untied hair caresses her lower abdomen and balls
I swallow it up. Her penis is warm, almost burning, it is in an imperial form.
I go up and down around his beloved cock, sucking it, sucking it. When I have my nose on his hairless pubis, I breathe in a sharp and delicious mixture of sweat and its wonderful smell.

His mouth sucks in my bud, titillating it and making it swell.
He’s leaving. I just have time to step back a little so that his ejaculation hits my palate and not my glottis. It is inexhaustible, the jets follow one another, filling my mouth with jerks. Finally it is dry up. I clean his dick with a blow of my tongue and straighten up. I don’t want to swallow it right away, I want to enjoy the salty taste of its elixir, I shake my tongue to restart its production and enjoy its soft sperm.
I move my pelvis forward to offer my secret orifice to her caresses. He smells my butt and spreads it out, I sit on him
He sucks his mouth off my anus and sucks in the ring before sodomizing me with his tongue.
His raspy organ rubs the walls of my anal muscle.
On my closed eyelids, the film of my lover’s flogging is projected. The spectacle of his suffering increases the pleasure that rises from my ass. Everything mixes in my head, the taste of my man’s sperm, the memory of his cries, my inner voice that calls me a slut, the waves of happiness of the rose leaf.
It’s too much for me, I let go, the orgasm is killing me as I swallow my lord’s juice.

A man whith a whip


It’s now been three weeks since we came back from the villa. We just finished dinner, Pierre is in kimono, and I in a nightgown, he pushes the board towards me.

– A little game?
– Why don’t I do.

I start, and I launch my attack, the one that made me win my pledge. Everything is going as it was the other time, I see the mast coming up with five shots, but my favorite opponent moves his rider, and announces me:

– Mate in three moves.
– What do you mean?
– You’ll see.

And three shots later, I have to overthrow my king.

– Another, he asked me.

An hour later, I propose to stop, on a score of two to one, for my darling.

– I dodged a bullet,” I said to him, flowing into his arms, lips in his neck.
– Why, my pussy,” he replied, slipping his hand into my cleavage and sheathing my breast.
– I almost offered you a chance to play with pawns.
– You have had Right, I had something planned.
– What do you mean?
– Guess what,” he replied.
– You tie me up, bend me on the back of the chair, and flagellate my beautiful ass.
– You lack imagination, we’ve already done it.
– You hang me by my legs, with weights on my breasts, head down and you whip my crotch.
– Interesting idea, I’ll have to remember that, but I have better or worse.
– I don’t think so, tell me, darling, and I’ll be very tender or very slutty, as you wish.
– Well, I was planning on taking you for a ten-kilometre bike ride.
– Ten kilometers by bike, but you’re a sadistic brute. I retort to him by turning him over on his stomach. I throw my teeth out on his left buttock, and in the momentum, I bite him wildly.
– Ouch! You’re crazy.
– Don’t be cozy. Kate and Nora have done worse to you
– But…
– Excuse me, but I’ve been wanting to bite into that beautiful ass for so long. Do I do it by stamping it

Our bed is a real battlefield, my cat was very tender, and I was very slutty.
I come to my senses and put my chin on his chest.

– Hey, the parade earlier, which made me checkmate.
– Yeah, what do you mean?
– Where did you find it?
– I’ve known her all my life, my love.

An angel passes by.

A question crosses my mind. I stand up, and I stare at him.
Slowly, a smile forms on his face, rolling up his lips, a smile half tender, half ironic….