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I never thought I’d be able to do this. And yet, this delicious Adonis I met on the Internet opened up new horizons for me…

At 28 years old, I was a rather fierce young woman with little experience. I had been married for eleven years to the first man I had met, and our characters and aspirations had evolved differently, so after several very chaotic months, many uncertainties and doubts, we had just taken the final decision and started a divorce procedure.

Lonely, in love with silence, nature, preferring to observe the world and keep a great distance from the crowd and overcrowded places, I feared men, preferring to flee them, and above all I had no self-confidence. Despite everything, and although I was not aware of it, I operated a certain charm on the males. But a little round, I was ten kilos too much, and too small at the top of my sixty meter. However, in the middle of all this, I had a pretty smile, big green eyes, long natural blond hair, shiny and silky, long thin hands and my whole body, wide hips and generous breasts were rather harmonious.

We met on the Internet, I spent a large part of my days and nights on the Internet, my job, webdesigner, leading me there naturally. We were playing the same RPG online, and I was one of the founding players, registered on the first day, as well as one of the founding members of the guild in which I was playing. Our first contact was a private message, asking me for information to join the guild. That’s how he arrived among us one day in September and I learned more about him.

He was also 28 years old, single, high level athlete: he practiced athletics in general and triathlon in particular, and the photos he showed us, highlighted remarkably well dry and well developed samusculature. The face in the shape of a knife blade, shaved head, thin and tall – about one meter eighty-five. At first, although by the admission of the friends who played with us, he was sexy, I didn’t like him, his shaved head, in particular, blocked me. Not my type of man, actually. He lived about 200 kilometres from my house, since I lived in Nantes at the time, and he lived in Le Mans. We talked on the game forum, often playing silly word games, but it was general, and without any ulterior motives.

However, one evening, I saw him connect to instant messaging, like every night around the same time. In general, we used it little, not having private conversations. But that night, I saw the window blinking, and curious, I clicked on the window to see what he was saying.

– Hi, are you there?
– Hello, yes!
– Are you all right?
– Yes, and you?
– Great thanks!

Then followed an insignificant conversation about sport, his bike training, my day, etc…. I didn’t see time passing, and several hours later, we left to join Morpheus.
The next day, he reconnected at the same time, and we had a conversation as ordinary as the day before. It lasted several weeks, and the more I got to know him, the more I liked him, against all odds: his love of the land and sport being common to us all.

One evening in November, the conversation took another turn. While we were just talking, he suggested I turn on the webcams. At the time, I refused. It was late, and I was only wearing my silk babydoll and a matching bathrobe, and I didn’t want him to see me like that. Curious, he wanted to know why I had refused, and embarrassed, I explained to him that I was in my nightgown. His answer was not long in coming, and a dangerous but exciting game began…..

– In a nightgown? What kind? What kind? You’re more like cotton and fleece or satin and neckline?
– Pretty much a babe, actually. (I didn’t dare to answer his question directly…)
– Ah but that doesn’t answer my question! You want to know what I’m wearing?

That’s probably where I should have stopped, but I was curious.

– Mmmh, why not?

a shy blond woman

The webcam icon blinks, and the request is automatically accepted, displays an image on my screen. The development was done and I discovered him, bare-chested, in his underwear, nonchalantly installed on his bed. He was smiling.

– So? What do you think of that?

I thought he was really well made of himself, but I didn’t see myself telling him that.

– Not bad! Not bad!
– So, in turn, why don’t you let me see that babydoll so I know which side you’re on?
– Which camps? (I was pathetically trying to buy time)
– yes, if you’re a granny before your age, if you’re the simple and harmless type, or the sexy naughty type.

I was blushing. The black silk babydoll came to me halfway down my thigh and was entirely embroidered with white silk threads, the lace on the chest was also white, as was the matching white robe embroidered in black. I undoubtedly fell into the last category, except that neither of the two adjectives could be attributed to me, who fled sex, hated being touched, and especially found me awful.

– Are you still there? You don’t have to if it bothers you.

I had left a blank while I was thinking. I decided, against all odds, to go for it. Instead of answering, I clicked on the webcam icon. He accepted the request, and I saw myself on the screen. He immediately smiled.

– You look great. Can I ask you a question?
– Yes, but I don’t promise to answer them.
– How many chest turns do you do?
– What do you think? (I was playing his game)
– I don’t know, I’d say, like that, 90C?
– lost.
– Ah! And you’re going to help me guess?
– I don’t know, you why as a clue?
– Well, you can show me, it would help me!

Strangely enough, I realized that I liked it, and silencing my conscience, which told me that I was certainly going mad, I decided to show it to him. Gently I slipped the robe, revealing my shoulders, and slowly slipped the thin lace straps. Sliding my hands on my skin, I lowered the lace from the top of the babydoll, revealing my generous chest, which I took with full hands to place it to its advantage.

– mmmh actually, it’s more than 90C. 95D?
– Won.
– You know you’re having a terrible effect on me, right?
– Oh? (I refrain from admitting to him that it was starting to worry me too…)

Without answering he rotated his webcam, and I saw his underwear deformed by a bump of respectable size. He put his hand on his underwear. The window started flashing again.

– You want me to show you?

A hot flash invades me. Without a doubt, he offered me to get naked in front of his webcam. I didn’t know what to say. I felt that his bare body, the sight of the effect I was having on him, made the heat rise in my body, and above all I felt my crotch getting inexorably wet. I already felt the blood beating in my clitoris, a precursor sign that I would not resist very long to the desire to caress myself. New flashing.

– I’ll show you if you show me.

Another hot flash.

– Okay.

My answer, which appeared on the screen, amazed me myself. I didn’t recognize myself anymore!

Putting his laptop aside, he got up and slowly slipped his black boxer. His sex came out, erect and obviously hard, his testicles swollen, hairless. The glans, thick and turgid, shone the light, it was wet. On my side, I felt the wetness running down my thigh. I was excited, and surprised to be excited. Never before has a man made me that effect.

In my turn, I got up, put the laptop in balance, and started a striptease. I slipped my hands over my body, lifting the silk on my thighs, higher and higher, I gently wiggled, leaning forward, giving her an unobstructed view of my chest or my sex. He was hard, and began to masturbate gently. Obviously, although I thought I was not very sexy, I was more so than I thought. I decided to continue the game, and slipped by pressing both my hands flat on my skin, the babydoll up to my ankles. He was then able to discover me completely naked. I slipped my hands on my skin, climbing up on my thighs, brushing my lower abdomen, completely waxed, and came back to my breasts. The tips were hard, almost painful, and I grabbed them between my thumb and forefinger, rolling them between my fingers. The sight of his hand sliding on his shaft, the expression on his face, his bright eyes, I felt the excitement becoming more and more palpable. I realized that I loved the game. The window blinked again, he was piano with one hand.

– You’re super beautiful. I love your shapes, your body, you have beautiful breasts and seeing you touch them makes me crazy, I would love to caress them, suck them, feel the tips in my mouth, excite you, get you wet….

I closed my eyes, and kept running my fingers over my breasts. They were more and more tense, and I put my index finger in my mouth, sucking it gently and then rubbing it vigorously on the tip of my breasts… When I opened my eyes again, I saw him masturbating at a much faster rate, and the window blinking again.

– You turn me on, it drives me crazy. Caress yourself, I’m sure you’re wet and you want it as much as I do.

That was true. I had always dreamed of exciting a man like that, and suddenly I wanted to excite him even more. I largely dismissed the legs facing the webcam, offering him the view of my smooth sex. Then I slipped a finger on my sex, made it penetrate, then went up, covered with water, on my clitoris. Taking care to offer her the best possible view, I shifted the thing, and undertook to jerk her off. It was hot, wet, soft and so exciting, the webcam show, the excited man, his swollen sex, his hand moving quickly back and forth, all this drove me crazy.

With one hand, I started to play the piano.

– Mmmhm, you turn me on. See how wet I get? I’ve never been wet like that before.
I really want you. I really want your sex and for you to take me. I want your hands on my breasts, your hard penis slipping down my belly, touching my lips, sliding into my soaking wet sex. You could make me come so easily…
– I would like to see you come. I would like to come for you.

I saw him speeding up the movements.

– Go ahead, sweetheart, I’m going to come for you and I want you to come with me.

I abandoned the keyboard, and with my eyes fixed on the screen, I started to caress my chest with one hand and my clitoris with the other. I felt the orgasm rise, and I no longer remembered my movements, the sensations were exquisite, I felt my sex soaked, I felt a terrible desire for the limb I saw on the screen, and although I knew I was going to have an orgasm, I would have liked him to offer it to me, his sex stretched out in mine, and to come by feeling his sperm invade me. At the very moment when I was accelerating my movements, I saw him leave in long jets, and I closed my eyes, my hand between my thighs, abandoning myself to the sensation, my loins on fire, wide open, I masturbated furiously, and I felt the pleasure rise, inexorable. I had a violent orgasm, losing control, screaming for a long time.

Returning to my mind, I saw the window blinking. He smiled at the webcam.

-No one’s ever done that to me before, you look beautiful when you’re enjoying yourself. I had a monumental orgasm.

I came back to the keyboard.

– I wish you’d come inside me.
– If you want, we can meet. This weekend, I’m free.

It was crazy. It was Wednesday, I thought I could always change my mind, when the excitement subsided, and the shame invaded me, I would no longer dare to look him in the face.

– All right. Where and when?
– In Angers, there is a very nice little hotel. Friday night at 8:00 p. m. What do you think of that?
– All right.
– I’ll give you the address tomorrow.
– All right.
– Are you all right? You look groggy.
– No, I’m tired. I’m tired.
– See you tomorrow then, go get some rest.
– See you tomorrow. Good night! Good night!

The conversation ended there. I was indeed groggy, I didn’t recognize myself. I had had an orgasm in front of a webcam, had accepted an appointment for what would probably only be a one-time thing. I still didn’t know if I was going to do it. The night giving advice, I decided to go to bed.
The next day, at the same time, he was there. I was torn between the desire to repeat the experience, shame, and curiosity. I hadn’t decided yet what I was going to do on the weekend. There again I was oscillating between desire and fear.

The conversation window didn’t take long to blink… this time I had planned and therefore covered one of my prettiest satin babydolls, icy brown color with chocolate embroidered inlays. She had a deep neckline held by laces also chocolate. I had used the morning to highlight myself: scrubbing, complete depilation, care, manicure, etc….

The conversation began in a playful tone, but it didn’t last long. We quickly returned to our exchanges of the previous day, their simple evocation provoking a certain emotion on both sides. Very quickly, he confessed to me that I had haunted him since then, and that he was looking forward to the weekend. Innocently, he gave me the address, then offered me on Friday evening, 8pm… without thinking, I accepted, I finally wanted to. Why deprive yourself after all…..

He launched his webcam. A hot flash invades me. In my turn I started mine, and we discovered each other again. He was bare-chested, his muscles protruding, shiny, his sparkling smile thrown at the unique eye of his camera, he winked at me. I couldn’t get my eyes off him.

– That’s a nice babydoll…..
– Do you like it?
– A lot. But much less than what she’s hiding… Are you being naughty or do you have something underneath?
– Come on, guess what! You have a 50-50 chance!
– I’m not betting on anything!
– possible…..
– Ah, but you have to show me if I won my bet or not…

Waving a mischievous smile at the camera, I got up and slowly slid the bottom of the babydoll over my hip, revealing my thin, almost white skin. I saw him smile and saw his hand slip off his hip or she lay nonchalantly towards his crotch, whose hump was perceptible, even on the unquality image of the webcam.

Standing, legs joined, back turned to the camera, but without leaving the screen with my eyes, over my shoulder, I made the babydoll go up on my buttocks, revealing their flawless, smooth and tight skin. Slowly, I started dancing for him, first of all subtle pelvic movements, highlighting my wide hips and round buttocks… then with a flexible movement, I faced the camera, I had released the fabric in the movement.

He caressed himself through the fabric, his eyes shone with lust and he bit his lips. The gleam of his eyes did not deceive, nor did the visible emotion contained in his boxer shorts – not for very long a priori….. I undertook to heat it again.

In front of the camera, I I carried a finger to my lips that I licked languidly, then while wiggling, I spread my legs little by little, and leaned forward sensually, giving a plunging view on my generous chest. The loose laces relaxed in the movement, and the thin straps slipped surreptitiously, revealing the diaphanous skin of the throat’s birth. My breasts, stretched to hurt under the fabric that relaxed to the rhythm of the swing imposed by my lascivious dance, gradually appeared in the cut of the babydoll, showing stretched, scarlet nipples with erect and hard tips.

The instant my breasts appeared in the image, he lifted his buttocks, took off his boxer, then slipped his fingers over his stretched rod. He started slow comings and goings, caressing the whole shaft, lingering on the glans…. the sight of this man caressing himself without shame, finished putting me in a trance, and straightening me up, while waving my body languidly, I let the straps of my babydoll fall on my arms. My fingers, moistened with my saliva, slipped on my thighs, then under the babydoll, which I went up widely, exposing without shame to the sight of my hairless sex, the lips spread, the thighs shining with my humidity, the swollen clitoris….

I saw him accelerate his movements on his tense life, an expression of intense concentration on his face. We observed each other with greed, our voyeuristic situations exciting us both. Reaching out to my bedside table, I opened the drawer in which my personal toys reserved for intimate use were stored… no one knew I had these little accessories, but strangely enough, he didn’t bother me that he knew.

I grab my realistic latex dildo with a greedy look. I saw him open his eyes, then smile widely and continue to caress his sex. He had a hard hard-on, his sex size which was quite normal at rest, was however of a quite respectable diameter under the effect of excitation. Imagining this hard sex sliding between my lips made me wetter even more. Slowly, I carried my toy to my mouth, sucked it, licked it, while looking at the webcam in front of me. I saw him close his eyes for a short moment, then come back to the image, with a feverish look. Her sex seemed to get bigger again, and I felt the moisture turn into liquid and flow between my spread legs. Without further ado, I carried a hand to my chest, grabbed a hard nipple, pinched it, while sliding the dildo between my legs, then brushing my lips and sliding into my soaking wet sex. The passage on my swollen clitoris, then the sensation of penetration as I desired the man, inaccessible, who jerked vigorously on my screen, put me in a trance and I came in a long liberating cry. I saw him slowing down, trying to make his pleasure last. I wanted to see him come, so I decided to change my position…

Blond sexy woman hiding herself behind her hands and hair

Turning my back on the camera, I spread my legs, immodest, so that he could see the best. Then I slipped the dildo further back, putting it at the entrance of my ass… with a look at my screen, I saw that it wouldn’t last long. Pushing further, I fucked myself with my dildo, and instantly, the same pleasure submerged me, intense. I had never practiced sodomy “in real life” and the episode I was experiencing made me want to.

He could not resist the spectacle I offered him: open mouth, spread his legs, a dildo between his buttocks, his hand on my nipple, I saw him leave in long powerful jets, the pleasure painted on his face finished to excite me completely, and I also come, releasing a long jet of cyprine. I was screaming.

We both remained pounding for a few minutes, watching ourselves recover our emotions. However, although I had enjoyed more powerfully than ever, it was to be penetrated by a man I needed, and the frustration was palpable. I told him, and he replied to me, feeling the same way. We continued to discuss everything and nothing, but especially sex, then wishing we were already tomorrow, we both went to take a good shower, before going to rest… My dreams would only be filled with eroticism.

The next day, it was feverish that I woke up around noon. The excitement contained in the two previous evenings made me nervous. I knew I wouldn’t see him online that day because he had a training session. We had an appointment at a hotel at 8pm, the first one to arrive taking possession of the room.

I was packing my things, clothes, underwear, some surprises for him, candles and condoms, massage oil. Then I would go to the bathroom, and take a hot shower. I could feel my skin palpitating under my fingers. He turned me on, and all I could think about was him. I wanted him to take me, make me come and scream. I wanted to be desirable, so I undertook shampoo, care, then scrub, full shave, shower gel. As I washed thoroughly, I felt my body vibrate as I gently washed my intimacy. The whole of my sex was soaked, tense, erected, in need. I hesitated, then accentuated the caress, leaning against the wall, closing my eyes, biting my lips, head turned upside down. The pleasure inundated me in a few seconds, and I had a violent orgasm, which tore out small cries of pleasure. However, far from feeling satisfied, my body was calling more violently for the man’s sex. I got out of the shower, wiped myself, rubbed some cream on myself, then did a nice blow dry, and finally a manicure. I match my varnish and make-up to my evening outfit: a skirt white pleated above the knee, white boots with high heels, a buttoned red bodice, which under its wise appearances, could quite offer an enticing cleavage by revealing the between-breast and offering a plunging view on my chest. I pulled out my set of red and white lace underwear, with laces on the sides and in the back. Low flesh would complete the whole.

I spent the afternoon writing passages from the novel I was writing: what could be better than frustration, contained excitement, desire, envy, to write love scenes? Time passed faster than I had expected, and it was soon time to leave.

Leaving my silk bathrobe, which I had kept all afternoon, I decided to go further than I had planned. Opening my drawer, I took out one of my favorite toys, my Rosebud plug whose ruby red decorative stone perfectly matched my outfit. I slipped it in its place, triggering shivers of pleasure. I had never used it while I was having sex, and I wanted to try it. I would put on the rest of my outfit, slip the fabrics, squeal nylon, then leave.

On the way, I sent him a text message, I knew he must be on the way out too, to tell him how much I was looking forward to it. He replied that he had also left and that he was just as anxious. However, I was one step ahead and came before him. So I got the key to the room, then went to prepare my staging: lit candles, open bed, cosy atmosphere. I muted music, perfumed the room with my perfume. Then I texted him again to give him the room number. He replied that he was coming.

Impatiently, I felt my excitement rising more and more, and I knew that before it arrived, my thong would be soaked. I was starting to pace around in the room, feeling my plug moving with every step, and it made me even more excited. I was wet and my breasts were tighter than ever, pointing under the fabric of the bra and blouse. I was stomping. The seconds seemed to elapse with the slowness of a Swiss cuckoo clock.

Suddenly, I heard two knocks at the door. My heart missed a beat, as I was about to open it to him. He was in front of me. As charming as in the pictures or on my computer screen, he seemed tense. I couldn’t help but smile at him, in turn, he smiles, not seeming to know what to do. After a shy greeting, I invited him into the room. He was wearing black skinny jeans, with a blue long-sleeved skinny t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. Her hazel eyes shone. We exchanged a few clumsy words, he seemed to struggle not to keep his eyes fixed on my cleavage…

As he seemed blocked, I decided to take the first step, and walked towards him. All the excitement contained in the past seventy-two hours threatened to explode at any moment, and the plug didn’t help. But I wanted an unforgettable evening, and with a huge effort I kept the feeling back. I was in front of him. I reached out my hand, touched his smooth face… He closed his eyes, then opened them again, smiled at me… taking my face in his hands, he kissed me. Her lips were thin but full, warm, moist, soft. I felt liquefied. I wanted him with such violence that it was almost painful. He backed up a little, looked at me, I saw how much he liked my outfit at his expression…

I got rid of his jacket, taking the opportunity to caress the hard and well defined muscles: pectoral, shoulders, biceps…. It was dry, muscular, firm. I took his jacket and turned around to put it on a chair. He was right behind me, short of breath. He put his hands on my hips, I closed my eyes, letting him explore with his hands what he had already tasted with his eyes. Her hands went up along my hips, carrying the light skirt that went up, revealing the suspender belt. His breathing accelerated. Gently climbing up, he undid one by one all the buttons on the blouse, revealing the bra that made my chest so frightening. He touched my skin with his fingertips, touching it. I surrendered to his sweet caresses. He scared the senses out of me. He slipped his hands behind my back, lowered the shirt and then untied the bra, which fell to the floor in a soft noise. He stuck to me, took my breasts in his hands. We could not hold back a moan of pleasure (of desire?) in concert. He squeezed again, I felt his erection against the birth of my buttocks. He slipped his hands down, lifting the skirt up to my hips. Each of his fingers on my skin triggered shivers of pleasure in me. I kept my eyes closed, letting him continue his frightening exploration. His fingers went up along my belly, brushing, slipping, he went up to my breasts, caressing them, touching them, taking their erected points sometimes gently, sometimes pinching them slightly; his tongue caressed the tip of my shoulder… He let go of me, I turned around, took off his shirt. His smooth, burning skin stuck to mine when he put his perfect body on mine. A growl of desire escaped him, again, he put his lips on mine, kissed me feverishly. He slipped his hand on my neck, stuck his lips more violently on mine. In my turn, I devoured him, kissing him, licking his lips, caressing his face, pressing against him even harder. I lowered my hands down on his muscular chest, stroking his perfect abs, then put my fingers on his belt…

He smiles again, with a gesture, without me let go, he took off his shoes and moved slightly apart so that I could undo his belt and unbutton his jeans. I did so with eagerness, touching at the same time on her tense sex. He threw his head back, bit his lips, closed his eyes. I pushed further, making his jeans fall, then his boxer, and without waiting, I took his life, already shifted and shiny, between my fingers, and began to caress him. I had remained on my knees, and the look he suddenly lowered at me was unequivocal, he was dying to have me take it in his mouth. I didn’t keep him waiting, and swallowed his toy in my mouth. She was hot and sweet, hard, her purses full: her frustration was as palpable as mine, and we both wanted sex as much as each other. I licked his glans, then his shaft: a hand delicately placed on my hair, he looked at me, his eyes shining, his mouth half-opened: the very embodiment of pleasure, and desire.

I dropped it, then straightened up and sat on the bed. He bent down, took my nipples in his mouth, bit them, slipped his tongue over my breasts, then went down to my waist. Unzipping my skirt, I lifted my hips up for him to take it off. He also took off my boots and then my stockings. All that was left was my thong, and I was tense, burning with desire, abandoned. Bending over again, he licked me, teasing my skin from the point of his tongue. I let myself go, enjoying the feeling of intense voluptuousness. I felt his hands slowly spreading my thighs, I didn’t open my eyes, I let him do it. His thumb went down on my sex, spread through the fabric, lips, leaned on my clitoris. I could not hold back a scream, as much surprise as pleasure. This finished exciting him: he took the belt of the thong, slipped it, took it off. Each of my hip movements caused me an avalanche of sensations, all stronger lesunes than the others: from the pleasure caused by my rosebud, to his burning lips, his fingers, his sex that touched me… I opened my thighs wide, in a hurry to get him to take me. He put his mouth on mine, slipped his fingers into my dripping intimacy, then undertook a descent… And that’s when he felt it, I felt it smile, he straightened up, looked at me, without ceasing his caresses. Lying on the bed, I offered myself to him. He came next to me, then climbed on me, brought his sex closer to my mouth, slightly straddling my chest. I took his sex in my mouth again, then slipped my hands between my thighs while he took my breasts with his hands full. It was instantaneous: I come, pumping his penis harder. He moaned together. Finally, he withdrew, then quickly came between my thighs. I stood up, grabbed a condom on the bedside table, opened it and threw corner glances at it. Taking the object, I put it on his sex, slid it to the base, kissed it, then let me fall back. It only took him a few seconds to slip his glans between my soaking wet lips. I opened my eyes, looked him in the face, as he walked slowly, enjoying the feeling. My rosebud compressed him slightly, I could see that he liked what we were doing. Then all of a sudden, he sank deep, started pounding, greedy, each of his bumpers caused me an ocean of completely crazy sensations, shivers, cold sweats. I had a particularly violent new orgasm, screaming, claiming again, and that was enough for him: he ejaculated in a cry of victory, we united our orgasms, then we collapsed, exhausted, side by side. As soon as the condom was thrown away, he began to caress me, then lick every square inch of my skin. It was divine, and it was the first time of the evening but not the last….A shy girl hides herself behind her hair