Hot hug for Retrouvaille

Three weeks had passed, and my heart was racing at the thought of seeing A again.

I loved him so much, he knew everything about me and I knew everything about him, but above all he knew how to read through my eyes my deepest desires, and he knew how to respond to them beyond all my hopes. Over time, he had even succeeded in creating in me a new facet of my sexuality, more assertive, more sharpened, more assumed beyond the dictums of good thinking. My last prohibitions had, near him, jumped to pieces, to make way for a sexuality that some would say unbridled, but which for both of us was only a reflection of our deep love for each other that we translated through our caresses and our debates.

Today, in a few minutes, I will be with him in his car that would take us to our love nest.

My suitcase placed near me, patiently waiting for his arrival, instinctively, I put my hair back on the side, his hair that he loved so much to see going down in a wave along my back….. And here I am, again, with images of him, thoughts, I wanted to see him so much, so much, so much, that everything brought me back to that desire.

A young woman waiting for her man

He wasn’t late. It was for once, my bus that had spun off, fast and skillful in this Rennoise traffic. I remember saying inside, that the driver may also be in a hurry to find his galante and that he was anxious to finish his shift. My fertile imagination had then projected the vision of this driver running home, still wearing his cap, but already the zipper ajar, out of breath but happy, offering his sweetheart his gear lever to enjoy, which she would soon savour. It was at that moment, with a smile on my face, that I looked up and thought I saw that the driver was showing me looked in his rearview mirror, I had then blushed brightly, wondering if he had been able to guess what I was thinking, I then instinctively tightened my thighs and pulled on the sides of my dress for fear that he would see the lace on my stockings.

This memory woke me up again with a mutinous smile, and I looked in the distance to see if A was finally arriving, even though I was a good half an hour ahead of schedule. I felt my heart racing and instinctively straightened my chest, and took a furtive look at my cleavage, my dress that went down in v at the birth of my chest showed a black lace, I then tightened the collar of my raincoat, at the same time that a young man was passing right next to me. Because I was saving this gift for A.

At the same time, the vibrator on my phone told me that I had been left a message:”I’ll be there soon, I freed myself sooner… I love you…. PS. Too much desire for you!….. ».

My heart started to beat a little faster, I looked one last time at my reflection in the advertising window of the bus stop where I was sheltering: I was delighted to have found this so pretty pair of stockings, which was a real call to desire, in black veil, the fine tone-in-tone drawing of a snake delicately wrapped each leg around each one and ended just on the ankle at the back of the heel, my raincoat stopped just above the knee and the wide belt elegantly curved my waist.

But suddenly, a honk of the horn made me startle, and I barely had time to realize that A. had arrived, that he was giving me a languid kiss and leaning on my mouth while squeezing my waist. Grabbing my suitcase, he said, “Hmmmm…you…hurry up and get in my car”. I blushed with pleasure, and as he opened the door for me, I saw two young girls sitting at at the bus stop, which I hadn’t noticed yet, giggling and pretending not to look at us.

Once settled in, he kissed me again, and I answered him ardently despite the horns of the bus behind us because we were obstructing traffic.

A. looked at me intensely and started. He asked me if I had had a good trip, to which I replied in the affirmative. He was smiling and I was smiling at him and we didn’t need to talk.

A few moments later, at a traffic light, he asked me if I was still as playful as ever. I had half a second’s hesitation, and replied that he knew the answer. He then extended his right hand towards the back beach, and brought a long black scarf back to my face and said, “Okay, so you know where to put that scarf, I think. »,

With an interrogating look, I tried to find out more… then blindfolded myself with it. He took my hand and said to me: “You know you can trust me, and you can take it away at any time”, I answered him in a breath in the affirmative. My heart was racing, my legs were shaking a little, a mixture of fear and growing excitement.

While driving, he talked to me about something else: his work, our friends, family….I listened to him but without understanding, my excitement was so great.

After a few kilometers, suddenly, the car stopped. I asked him: “Have we arrived yet? »

His hand delicately placed on my face and descending in a caress towards the back of my neck, he answered me “we have not arrived where you think, and I will not tell you where we are, but only ask you to listen to me and do what I ask you but above all remember you can stop everything at any time”. I smiled at him and despite my heart beating so fast, he would light up in a breath: OK! “It is then that his voice is heard made it deeper and warmer and whispered in my ear, while gently pressing on my neck to direct me “suck me! »

It was so hot, it was so soft, and his instrument, as I liked to call it, was already so hard with pleasure, I did it and applied myself on the spot…
At first slowly, by going on a discovery with only my tongue slipping all the way along and then lingering on its prominent glans… as I liked to turn the tip of my tongue all around! it was so good… !
Of undisguised pleasure, I was already whining, which soon made him react, he breathed more and more hard, as I applied myself, to my great happiness I felt at the edge of my lips, a few drops of pleasure emanating from his glans and that I licked avidly. Happy, I opened my mouth and grabbed the object of all my delights with my full hand, when he stopped me in my movement.

A home for a couple with mr & mrs balloons

“Slowly” he said to me, “The gentlemen around us would be disappointed to go too fast”.
For a moment I was in a panic, I buried my face, still blindfolded, in his neck, and said to him: “No, you didn’t do that! »

“I don’t know? What do you think? Anyway, it was one of your fantasies, wasn’t it?…. ” if you want to know, you can take off the blindfold and see if there are voyeurs who admire you”…” We can also stop everything, you ask me to start, we leave and the game stops there. What do you want, my darling? »

My mind was then prey to multiple questions… What was I going to do to continue or stop? at the same time, what we had just done had excited me so much… and how many times had I fantasized and dreamed about this situation… Was I able to go to the end of this desire? but if there were really men around us masturbating, how many were they?”

A. always held me tenderly in his arms, he breathed into me, “In any case, they like you very much, from what I can see! ». It is not enough for my choice to be made, to know that men wanted me and masturbated while looking at me but without touching me excited me to the point.

Far from removing my scarf, I took my favorite toy back into my mouth, and applied myself long and delightfully in a long movement; it soon hardened, and filled me. I pushed it a little deeper into my throat, I loved that feeling where it filled me with all its joy, and I knew all too well the effect it produced in him.

Then, thinking of my admirers, I suddenly wanted to give them more show, I then moved my face away from my darling’s pretty soft and warm pacifier, to grab it with both my hands firmly and apply myself to sliding it between my fingers.

In order to be more comfortable, but also to imagine these looks on me, I sat on all fours on my passenger seat, my pretty butt turned towards the front window, on the passenger side, my darling soon put one hand on it to bring up my dress and reveal only my stockings and the suspender belt that held them back, because I too had a surprise for A., I was only wearing this under my dress, my little panties carefully stored in my handbag.

The expected effect was soon heard by a long one: “hummmmmmm…. “from A. but it also seemed to me that I heard a hissing sound outside but I quickly chased away my questions and always applied myself to polishing the instrument with pleasure between my fingers, his glans just at the edge of my half-open lips.

My desire then rose even stronger, when A. slipped her fingers between my thighs to reach my little rosebud already beaded with dew, and he placed his thumb at the edge of my carnation which was already opening up with pleasure having received a little slap on my butt.

My pleasure growing in unison with his, I applied myself with greed, but his caresses becoming more and more expert, searching the lair of my pleasures with tact and applying an experienced finger on my little clit, I felt a wave breaking inside me, I then stopped in my application, unable to hold back my cries of pleasure.

A. knew that this was the moment when my pleasure was going to rise, and he knew what caresses would be those of delivering an incomparable pleasure.

He then applied himself with all his hand to caress me the whole of my little pussy, as he liked to call it, he searched me ardently, not forgetting any erogenous zone of my anatomy.

I was beginning to bow more and more, my whole body was responding to his caresses, and at the most intense moment, he stopped suddenly, and blew into my ear “now you are going to show them how you come”.

This sentence, accompanied by a new caress where he searched me intensely, soon produced its effect: I bent over with pleasure, my hands clung to his arm, my whole body reared up, and under the renewed effect of his caresses, I felt an ocean of pleasure flowing from me.
I shouted with intense pleasure, and the fountain woman that I am, could no longer control this wave, which was breaking up and making me come intensely.

In this ecstasy, in a second state, I grabbed my man’s so pretty tail with my full hand and mouth, and sucked him hard. I thought I heard a rail in the distance, and steps approaching the car, but being in a second state of excitement, imagining all those men surrounding the car, looking and touching each other greedily, it made me want A. to pour herself into my mouth even more.

I could feel him panting, it was his. now, to resist this rise of desire, I applied myself continuously: my hand went down and up, and then gave way to my mouth that I pushed down, swallowing up all of its enjoyment.

His breathing was getting stronger and stronger, he was stroking my hair and gently pressing so that I could come back and grab him until the guard. It was so good, this sex so hard under the assault of my mouth and tongue, and to feel that he was going to come and offer me his precious elixir.

A last assault, where his sweet glans pressed to the bottom of my warm throat, was of a sublime ecstasy. He pointed at his armrest, and I heard him almost suffocate. I guessed that he was biting the fist with his other hand, proof of his jouissance where I received his warm seed in abundance.
As usual, I kept everything in my mouth, it was so good… but all of a sudden I thought about our admirers, so I got up a little, opened my mouth slowly, let some of the delicious juice run down my lips, and then passed my tongue so as not to lose any. With my head a little raised, imagining all these looks at me, I swallowed for a long time with my most beautiful smile on my lips.

A. laughed; he kissed me in my mouth.

I got back on my feet, almost in a second state. I didn’t even think about the blindfold and take it off, nor about the men who could be around me. I was fine, happy, with my head bent back on my seat.

A. said to me, “Shall we go, my darling? “In one breath, I answered him “yes”.

During the journey, I removed the blindfold. I concluded that we were in fact not very far away. And in that magical moment we had experienced, I didn’t ask him any questions.

One evening, a mutinous man, the question came to me: “Were there really men around us? »

He answered me with a smile: “You really want it to know? “and seeing my indecision, he laughed and laughed at me kindly, and said to me, “For if I tell you now, it will have the same appeal next time.